Essential elements of employer branding in 2022

Essential elements of employer branding in 2022

As we take a deeper look into the corporate culture, the old norms have changed drastically. The workplace is no longer something that an employee dreads with teams working against each other. Modern work environments allow employees the flexibility to work at their own pace and achieve their own as well as the employer’s goals together. Taking into consideration the pandemic, retaining great employees has become a job even more tough. A lot of them choose to freelance or work on a project basis which allows them flexibility and assurance of not having all their eggs in one basket.

As an employer, it now becomes one’s job to give their employees an experience that enriches their lives, engages them better in their jobs and helps them focus on their health as well as family while working. People no longer want to just be in the job for the money. They are in it to achieve their life goals and what sets them free. They are not willing to settle for an environment that troubles their mental peace for just money or any monetary gains in return.

To make sure that your best performing employees retain with you and to create an image of a stand out employer, you need to create an employer brand for yourself. There are many intricacies and details involved in creating an image that is able to convey your employee polices, benefits and your company vision and pillars successfully.

What Is Employer Branding?
Employer branding is the process that creates a positive employer brand, for an organisation.

The employer brand communicates the organisation’s culture and values that it holds for its employees. A good Employer branding in hr encourages talented people to want to work with the company.

This makes it extremely important since it impacts the kind of talents and candidates that company would attract towards itself.

How Can You Make Your Employer Brand Strong in 2022?


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Let’s see what are the essential elements of Employer branding strategy that you need to focus on to make sure that your organisation has a strong upholding when dealing with new Employees or when retaining old employees.

1. Create A Strong Digital Identity
 With the recent pandemic, an uprising of the internet and an increase of people’s presence on online platforms, today, employees mostly use only digital platforms to look for future career opportunities. It’s an easier, simpler, quicker and a more modern approach to finding the right path for yourself, connecting with HR and finalising a job for yourself. People explore platforms such as LinkedIn, and the Career page of the employer they want to work with.

a. Have a careers page on your website
 The careers page is where you should start with when trying to create employer branding for your company. It gives you an opportunity to set your culture, mission and vision and communicate it to interested candidates.

Make sure that you have your principles mentioned here and to introduce organisation here. This page should also have clearly mentioned guidelines as to how those interested candidates can get in touch with you and apply for jobs.

All your latest job openings as well as reviews of current employees should go here as they can be immensely helpful in getting the right kind of candidates.

b. Create a Social Media Presence
 As an organisation, you should have a dedicated Employment Brand social media page on currently used platforms where you can keep prospective employees updated with the latest happening at your company.

These platforms are a great way to communicate your employer essence. This page should have pictures, videos, polls and anything that you feel conveys your company culture towards employees well.

c. Be There on Professional Social Platforms
 Make sure that you post your job openings on professional social platforms such as LinkedIn and promote them to find the right kind of candidates.

2. Take The Help of Your Employees
No matter how much you want to create a well portrayed image for your company, you won’t be able to do the same without the help of your employee engagement strategies. At the end of the day, their word is going to always win over yours. They are the ones who give weight to your employer brand.

Let them come forward and tell their story. Let them speak about the times they had an amazing experience with the company and how the policies and culture helped them grow. Make the content you post on social media and your careers page relevant by putting your employees’ stories there.

Make use of behind the scene videos, blogs, updates on social media to communicate the same. Your current team members hold the key to creating a superior employer branding for you. You can always take their interviews, have a weekly podcast or have a regular mailer wherein you feature different employees and communicate different values of the company.

There’s really no limit to how beautifully you can use employee generated content.

3. Have A Proof of Your Social Diversity
As you have proof of your service or product quality through your customer testimonials, you can do the same through the testimonials of your employees. The people who work for you, can best describe the benefits and culture of your company.

These testimonials become essential when you’re trying to build a work environment that’s made up of diverse employees and is inclusive as well. Being inclusive and diverse is a much-needed pillar of employer branding as it strengthens your brand image as well as brings you a diverse set of candidates to choose from.

All you need to do is get your employees to talk about their experiences and build a successful image.

4. Have An Outstanding Onboarding Process
Make your onboarding process as simple, easy and convenient as possible for your employees. Whenever you’re beginning a new relationship with an employee, be it part time or full time, you need to communicate your values and ideas clearly and efficiently to them.

Help them understand your requirements through clear and easy communication and understand what they are trying to gain from the work opportunity as well. This is a crucial step where you can attract the most deserving candidates to work for you.

How To Create and Execute Your Employer Branding Consistently?
With the many responsibilities of day to day working, processes that need your consistent attention and units that are essential for the existence of a business, employer branding can sometimes seem like a task your team members is too busy to take on. That is exactly where we, Velocita Brand Consultants come in. With years of experience in successfully creating Employer Brand Consulting and executing the day-to-day requirements of it, we can help you create a strong employer branding for organisation too.