What is Employer Branding and why is it so important today?

What is Employer Branding and why is it so important today?

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What is Employer Branding and why is it so important today?

 Why is employer branding so crucial for organisations today?

Gone are the days when organisations used to treat their employees as a liability which needs to be paid every month. Little or no attention was paid to their well-being and the organisation never really cared about their aspirations. They knew that there was a dearth of jobs and employees had no choice but to stick around, even when they knew that they were not ‘growing’ in their job.

Most even retired from the same organisation from where they started their careers. Things like positive work culture, creativity, aspirations, innovation etc. were unheard of and were never thought to be essential at all for an organisation’s growth.

But the employees of today are not keen on working for an organisation from where they can retire. Instead, they are looking for a place which will support their aspirations, allow them to think creatively, encourage them to innovate and above all, give them peace of mind and a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

If they feel that their current organisation is unable to fulfil their heart’s desire, they don’t mind leaving that place and joining someplace else which gives them these things. They are even willing to negotiate on their pay to have these things.

As a result, today every organisation, irrespective of its size, age or business segment, is walking that extra mile to retain its employees. Organisations have realised that their employees are indeed their real asset because it is their employee’s effort that goes behind the product/service which the customers ultimately buy!

Today it is important to not just retain employees but also to attract the good ones too! This is why Employer Branding has become crucial for every organisation. Let us find out everything about Employer branding companies in detail.

What is Employer Branding?                                                                                   

Employer Branding is an organisation’s effort to brand itself correctly in the minds of its existing internal employees as well as its potential employees.

Why is Employer Branding important?

Employer branding is crucial to retain the top talent and also helps in attracting potential ones. With correct employer branding campaign, organisations can create a differentiation between their peers and themselves thus attracting the right talent and hence creating better products/services for their customers.

What are the key components of an Employer Branding Strategy?

A well-crafted Employer Branding strategy consists of three key components:

  1. Determination of employee value proposition(s) (EVP)
  2. Communicating them to the employees and
  3. Creating a real-life experience around these value proposition(s).

What are the components of employee value propositions?

EVP is the promise made by an organisation to its employees in return for the services rendered by them. EVP must not be equated with the salary that an employee receives in return for the services offered. EVP is the non-monetary benefit provided to the employee by their employer. These could be in the form of better working conditions, healthy work culture, efforts done to achieve a work-life balance, providing stability in roles and jobs, respect given to every employee irrespective of their grades or ages and fairness in pay (compensation)

Source: https://www.gartner.com/en/human-resources/insights/employee-engagement-performance/employee-value-proposition

How to communicate the value propositions to the employees?

EVP can be communicated by an organisation to all its employees through the right and relevant channels. Some of these channels could be in the form of periodic newsletters, blogs on the company portal, town hall meetings, company-wide emails etc. Employers can segregate their employees based on their location, departments or even management grades and then reach out to them with relevant content through the right communication channel.

When it comes to reaching out to potential employees, it is important to communicate with the EVP throughout the recruitment journey.

Source: https://rallyrecruitmentmarketing.com/2019/01/define-your-employee-value-proposition/


How can EVP help?

Clearly defined and implemented EVP can help an organisation grow from being mediocre or also-ran to top-class. Studies have shown that organisations get benefitted immensely by having a clearly defined Employee Value Proposition and also implementing it in the same spirit. Superior EVP leads to increased productivity, greater profitability and higher customer ratings than disengaged teams.

How can organisations create real-life experiences around these value propositions?

Source: https://vervoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/5-key-components-of-employee-value-proposition.png.webp

Why is communicating with an EVP important?

Bringing the EVP to life is the job of all employees of an organisation. Unless the EVP is known, accepted and practised by the lowermost rung employee of an organisation, it cannot add value to the organisation. Hence the first step is creating an EVP and the second step is communicating it.

Experts like Velocita Brand Consultants (VBC) help organisations in communicating the Employee Value Proposition to all their employees through relevant channels. Besides being an expert in Branding and Marketing in India, VBC is also known for its Employer Branding Services. VBC has years of experience in working on Employer Branding Solutions with companies belonging to categories like IT, Auto, FMCG, Financial Services etc. A cross-industry experience like this helps Velocita brand is the employer branding consultant to implement some of the best industry practices for all its clients.


So, organisations which are planning to achieve the next level of growth must remember that besides their customers, they must also have their employees’ support too! While inspired employees will manage the customers in the right way, positive Employer Branding will inspire the organisation’s employees to give it their best!