Every year, tech giant Amdocs hosts a thrilling marathon that is open to all Amdocs associates and their families. The event was in collaboration with an NGO, and the proceeds of the marathon were channelled towards different charitable causes.
As it was an extremely vital event for the Amdocs team, they needed to spread the word and inspire everyone to put their best foot forward.

Case Timeline





Our task was to create a sense of excitement, anticipation and thrill for the upcoming event to inspire and invite people to join the run and NGO cause. We, therefore, decided to create a short, punchy pre-event video full of movement, energy and unique messaging to get employees pumped up.


The video communicated a simple idea- every person has the potential to be an active participant in the Amdocs Blossom Marathon, it’s not just for experienced marathon runners. Because, whether metaphorically or literally, everyone runs every day. And this event was a chance to channel that drive in a new way and change lives at the same time.

This message served to encourage everyone to join in, eliminating any doubts they may have had over their eligibility and ability. We offered people a unique perspective that renewed their excitement for the annual marathon event.

Behind The Scenes

All our shots were done on the vibrant Amdocs campus and featured actual Amdocs associates– from leaders to juniors- in their element!

A Spectacular Turnout

The pre-event video captured everyone’s attention, helping to energise participants and boost registrations to an all-new level. The message, the fast-paced visuals, and the promise of a chance to contribute to a really important mission brought Amdocs to its feet, ready to join the race!