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Deutsche Bank is a leading German multinational investment bank and financial services company with over 1500 employees across India.

A core part of the banking setup in India is its 24/7 contact center. These agents handle hundreds of daily calls, texts, and emails from customers and end-users. It’s a demanding environment in which to work. It was imperative for the Group Communications team to keep every member of the contact center team informed of essential information relating to their job and engaged with initiatives being run across the company.

The pressured contact center environment, the shift-based 24/7 operations and the dispersed nature of the team across branches made effectively reaching staff challenging.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Deutsche Bank | Email Marketing, Print, Digital banners, Brochures, Office branding


As the Deutsche Bank team has grown over recent years, the number of employees has also expanded, meaning that many of the legacy tools and processes were no longer suitable – including internal communication tools.

There was pressure on all communications to be read so that essential information wasn’t missed or staff became disengaged with the company, which could seriously impact internal communications and customer service.

Mediums and formats

Velocita utilized several different channels to send internal communications, of which email was the main tool. But increasingly it was found that employees were so busy managing customer interactions that they didn’t have time to check emails.

The need to send time-critical messages that staff actually read provided the impetus for Velocita to look for alternative communication channels. Employees needed to be notified instantly of the situation, in a way that wasn’t disruptive to their workflow.


Having evaluated different options available, we explored different messaging channels available. The need to communicate time-sensitive messages was solved by desktop screensavers. Short, snappy messages were displayed on inactive screens, delivering key information which could be read at a glance without distracting them from what they were doing.
General announcements and reinforcing company values would be handled through intranet banners and articles, where the strong visual capability offered a powerful promotional tool.
Other key news and updates was communicated through, posters, standees or LED screens in the office. Any long term messaging was displayed through office branding.