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Eblon a Sears Globaltech Company, specializes in IT services including data analytics, modernization of computer software design, developments, and more. Sears partnered with Velocita to design the corporate identity for its IT services subsidiary — Eblon Technologies.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Eblon | Corporate Identity design, Logo design

The brief

To create an identity that brought out the company’s ability to develop evolved solutions.

The name: Eblon (spanish meaning ‘Possibility’) was selected to reflect the company’s capability in deriving winning outcomes from any situation, and reiterated in the tagline “Possibilities Unlimited”.

The logo

The lemniscate inspired logotype highlights the ever-evolving nature of Information Technology as an industry and the company’s ability to deliver solutions.

The colours

Blue evokes professionalism, while orange for the tagline captures the creativity needed to deliver limitless possibilities

Design language

Slim minimalist styles complemented by lower-case sans serif typeface delivers a clean contemporary look.