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ESR is a leading logistics real estate platform with a growing presence in data centres. On a mission to build logistics infrastructure for the new economy and create the backbone of 21st century commerce in the APAC region, ESR chose Velocita as its digital marketing and communications partner. Velocita was responsible for creating awareness and generating leads online for their newly developed industrial and logistics projects.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


ESR | Corporate Identity, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing

Building a firm foundation

To begin the engagement, we analysed their marketing, sales and customer data, carried out interviews with the core team. Based on the collected insights, we built an ideal buyer persona and customer journey.

Then it was time to test these ideas. We created several hypotheses for which buyer personas, channels and content to test. We set goals and KPIs to measure the success of each test. In practice, we tested over 10 ad campaigns and multiple landing pages.


To serve only the best leads for ESR, we implemented a lead scoring model that indicated which leads were hot enough to be handed over. The leads that were not ready to buy were automatically nurtured with relevant content via emails, until they became interested in making an order.

After a couple of weeks of testing various marketing campaigns, we were left with the best performing ads and two landing pages. In a short time, we learned a lot about what works for ESR. We identified the right buyer persona, improved the messaging and budget allocation using the data available. We built on the learnings and continuously introduced new ideas in the form of messaging and visuals to test.


All in all, our experiment-driven marketing process paid off. We killed the failed experiments and put more marketing budget into the successful ones. Here’s the results:
2.5x increase in leads
10% increase in sales-ready leads