Established in 1973, Global Insurance brokers is one of the leading providers of risk management, insurance and reinsurance broking services in India with services spanning risk consulting, insurance placement, risk and claims management. Global’s JV with Aon insurance in 2001 saw the brand become well known as Aon Global Insurance for well over fifteen years till they parted ways in 2017. Global Insurance was in need of a rebrand as a result of the de-merger and partnered with Velocita Brand for this assignment.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Global Insurance | Corporate Identity, Brand Guidelines/Styleguide, Merchandise design, Office Branding, Website design & development

Tone of voice

Corporate speak in the new millennium has moved away from dull, stilted, cliche’-peppered writing. At Global we favour writing that reflects the style of a good presenter: engaging, personal and memorable. The aim of every communication is to attract the reader’s/viewer’s attention, retain it, communicate the right message and encourage desired action. You can achieve this by adopting the following: Write directly to your reader. This is the best route to writing engagingly, and it works well for any communication that aims to elicit a desired action; for case studies and white papers, a third person approach will add a measure of weight and authority.

Be customer-centric. To ensure clarity in all our communications, be customer-centric. Talk directly to the customer instead of issuing statements.

Brand Discovery

A brand discovery exercise helped gather critical insights that shaped our creative direction in developing a unique and effective brand experience.

From discussions with management, clients, employees, and other stakeholders, we were able to ascertain that Global was known for

  • Robust domain knowledge, which enabled us to assess risk accurately and negotiate settlements swiftly
  • Unparalleled customer service/ experience which resulted in high customer satisfaction
  • Commitment for ethical and unbiased business practices
  • Strong relationship focus, which gave it the competitive advantage of having a reach in several geographies
  • It possessed technical superiority—across domains

Primary Colors

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Secondary Colors

Brand Positioning

For companies with complex structures and large to medium scale, who need adequate yet accurate coverage of actual and perceived risks, Global’s proven ability to assess risk neutrally; identify best provider; and negotiate speedy resolution of claims, unlike current players, makes Global a brand to be trusted.

Once we agreed on the brand personality being trustworthy, authoritative, and optimistic about the future, we proceeded to the visual theme concept for the rebranding.

Not amazing, insurance is a-maze-ing for the uninitiated

Insurance as a sector can be a maze to navigate. Without in-depth domain knowledge, one can easily lose their way.

We positioned Global as a guide, that uses their technical expertise and years of experience in each sector to pick a policy—and where necessary, tailor one—to suit their client’s needs.

The mneomonic of the maze was spot on for how it ties in to corporate reinsurance and insurance brokering as a whole. The maze offers shortcuts which lead to dead ends. However there’s only one best—often the longest—route to success.


The concept of the maze opened up a platform for designing the visual language. A library of graphics and visuals was created, entirely customizable to the maze theme and in line with the brand’s requirements. This made Global’s new visual identity adaptable and gave them the flexibility to foray into newer areas and ventures in the future.The new logo and visual language received a phenomenal response from existing trade associates as well as potential ones. The new identity was now aligned to the Global legacy and its progressive future.