Jubilant FoodWorks is India’s largest food service Company. You might know it better from the international brands that it has the franchise rights for — Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts and Popeyes. The company has over 30,000 brand ambassadors committed to deliver value to its customers.

Jubilant is committed to improving its workforce’s performance and productivity in order to deliver on its strategy, improve shareholder returns and enhance customer service. They partnered with Success Factor to launch a new HRMS platform for their employees to aid their digital transformation.

Change management can be tricky, and this is why Jubilant chose Velocita as its creative partner to roll out a internal communications campaign around it’s new HRMS platform to drive adoption.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Jubilant | Stationary, Brand Guidelines, Packaging

Illustrating identities

Among all the numerous benefits of illustrations, there is the superpower to tell the story with pictures. To launch the new HR platform we created a series of artworks united by one plot and a cluster of characters. These characters were tied to key creatives and distributed specific messages.

Each character’s shape, attire and features were crafted with its own meaning attached to it. For example we used soft skin-y shades of different hues and gradients as a canvas for all ethnicities.

Showcasing the benefits that matter

With the launch of the new HRMS platform—Uniq, one could connect every interaction throughout the employee lifecycle. 

The benefits that employees and managers stood to gain through this new available transparency in working and processes was important to be communicated.

We focused on benefit-led communication for the new HRMS like empowering teams, fostering collaboration between departments, scaling up productivity, increase in business efficiency among others.

Range of benefits

We created posters and mailers about a wide variety of topics that employees could benefit from like clarity on policies related to leaves, time off and attendance, travel and expense management, learning and performance management and more.

A Uniq platform for all your unique needs

To build anticipation leading up to the launch, we played on the Uniqname of the HRMS and crafted a narrative which was built specifically for the unique needs of Jubilant employees.




A measure of the success of the launch campaign can be gauged by the relative query-less time gained by the HR team since the launch of the new portal and the subsequent time per day saved by HR in daily tasks.