Tyre manufacturing giant and mobility expert, Michelin has come a long way and grown rapidly since it first came to India a decade ago. Apart from becoming a leading international tyre maker in the country and creating an ever-growing distribution network, Michelin India is also a center of innovation and workplace excellence.

That’s why they wanted to proudly showcase their people, policies and ideas behind the magic and manufacturing for the world to see. Velocita partnered with them to create a special film for their LinkedIn page.

Case Timeline



Michelin Tyres


What is life really like for a person at Michelin? What opportunities for growth lie ahead? What culture and characteristics make up the everyday life of a Michelin innovator?

The answers to all these questions needed to be revealed to the audience. Our task was to create an engaging film that takes a viewer through all the aspects of Michelin Life, right from its ideals to its opportunities, culture, goals and growth.


Industries like these are primarily male-dominated, therefore, we decided to make their inspiring women leaders and associates the face of the film. We wanted them to be the main storytellers who would guide the audience through the world of Michelin. This little fact would thereby serve to bring Michelin’s gender-equal ideals to the forefront and allow their story to be told from a new perspective.

The complete script was a walk-through of their values and ideals in an engaging, empowering story keeping their professional style and tone in place.

The Michelin India Centre boasts of stunning infrastructure so for the visuals we charted out a shot-by-shot sequence that would capture their people in their element, going about their daily life, collaborating with each other; while highlighting their workspaces in perfect artistic detail.

The flow is a combination of captivating, power shots – featuring many women leaders and innovators – along with holographic elements for elevated visual effects.

Behind The Scenes

A well-received shoot

Stepping in front of the camera can be overwhelming, but we made sure to help the people feel extra comfortable before each shot. With some training and encouragement, we successfully coached them to bring out their inner star. Here’s what they had to say!

A phenomenal success

The final film is a well-paced, professional view of the Michelin world. Celebrating their work and vision for the future, all recounted by their very own people.