Our client is a global leader in computer security software on a mission to make life online safe and enjoyable for everyone, with a team of over 2000 software specialists in Bangalore, India.

They turned to Velocita Brand for assistance with their employee communication— specifically their internal communications strategy and to create awareness of their best-in-class employee benefits policies.

Case Timeline


The Idea

Client’s tagline ‘Together is Power’ was the inspiration for the Employee Superheroes campaign. The huge range of employee benefits, people-centric policies and performance rewards for employees provides them with the ‘super power and fire power’ needed to be a Superhero.


We began by identifying the broad employee benefits and policy types for employees. There were 9 broad areas ranging from basic competitive pay and performance incentives to advanced wealth management and personal career growth benefits. We grouped these against various facets in an employee’s life.

Career Upgrade


Shield Against Life’s Storms


Platinum Punch


Family Protector


Recharge Your Health


Golden Coin Strength

Waist Belt

Privilege Hub


Strong Cultural Roots



The engagement idea had to be on-brand and interrupt the employee’s daily routine. As part of the campaign, we designed and installed three life-size cutouts of Anjali at the office canteen, lobby and the break-out area. Anjali was an empowered employee- A superhero with an aura of 9 superpowers provided by our client. Employees took time to stop, stare and read.

The communication

The message we shared was simple: “Yes, we care about you. If Together is power then each of us are as powerful as Superheroes powered by the exclusive policies and benefits for you.”

This was displayed on the cutout for all to read along with a unique message for each superpower. This unique message was visible for a day and replaced by the next superpower message the next day. The superpower in the aura was highlighted each day to attract attention.


Three benefit and policy quizzes and a lucky-draw after one month aided recall. The campaign proved incredibly effective — over 11,000 visits to the policy & benefits portal. 82% of employees were able to achieve a minimum seventy percent accurate score in identifying the various benefits and policies available to them.

A Great Place to Work!

The timing of the Employee Superheroes campaign was planned to precede the GPTW 2019 certification which client had decided to apply for.

A Great Place to Work indeed!

Velocita Brand has been an active communications partner and has helped create and design all employee communications in collaboration with their Internal Communications team which has played a part in helping them secure a GPTW certification for 3 years running.