Mahindra Legal’s communications team approached Velocita for a launch communications campaign as they had recently created a portal for the group legal department called ‘MLexOasis’.

This portal contains legal opinions, knowledge management alerts, a tab for responding to the personal legal queries of employees, profiles of the members of group legal department, directory of lawyers and law firms in India and abroad and standard formats for various agreements among other capabilities.

While the portal itself had serious data and information, it’s launch communication had to drive employees to adopt use of the portal.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Mahindra | Email Marketing

Campaign Objectives

Making sense of legalities

  • Launch a campaign in January 2018 to 13,000 employees across Mahindra Legal to set the context and drive awareness of the new Mlexoasis portal.
  • Develop a comprehensive campaign to build an informed employee community. Help employees understand the thinking behind the portal; how they can use it; what legal services it has to offer to users, service line, sector and ultimately to themselves as individuals.
  • Develop a wide range of email material – for launch and create digital collateral to be tailored for use beyond the duration of the launch.

A legal saviour arrives

Among incredibly busy schedules and a multitude of internal communications, our creative mailer campaign needed to stand out with a memorable and engaging idea which would:

  • Bring the priorities to life
  • Convert priorities into behaviours
  • Stimulate and inspire while having an element of fun
  • Develop the feeling of unity and purpose
  • Deliver a tangible difference in KPIs
  • Deliver an improvement in engagement in

The big idea – a creative platform for our priorities

The seven business priorities cover talent, innovation, go-to-market, and profitability – priorities that would shape the future of the business.

Our idea demonstrated the impact and positive change that the priorities could create through the use of a tangram – a perfect metaphor for the flexibility and adaptability required to ensure Mahindra Legal thrives as a business. The tangram is a puzzle that has seven separate pieces, each representing one of the priorities. When combined, they can form almost any shape, demonstrating that the priorities will help Mahindra Legal respond to any challenge ahead and become whatever employees make it.

Legal queries resolutions at your fingertips