VOIS or Vodafone Intelligent Solutions is the Vodafone Group partner of choice for talent, technology, and transformation. VOIS India employs over 4,000 highly skilled people, servicing around 20 countries in areas of business, finance ops, HR, CARE and security operations.

The Security Operations team proactively fights cyber fraud while also ensuring solid, secure business connections. The Security Ops team partnered with Velocita to create an awareness campaign about the perils of cyber security at the workplace and how to take precautions against it.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Vodafone | Email Marketing

The challenge

The main goal of any security awareness program is to increase employee cyber awareness and impact behavior. As security awareness professionals know all too well, the challenge is making it FUN, making it stick.

When employees think of security training they think of long, boring videos that they are forced to watch and can’t fast forward through. We wanted to create something that didn’t feel like the usual security training. Something that wouldn’t be thought of as a chore to get done.

The Idea

We were thrilled at the opportunity to get creative about a topic like cyber security that is usually boring and which led us to create VOIS innovative awareness campaign. The result: a retro-and modern day themed “VOIS Cybersecurity 2021” campaign, complete with cybersecurity lessons woven in throughout. With the help of some punny copy and an illustrator, we were able to bring to life a 9 series mailer, complete with multiple posters for promotion.

Same story, new twist

We took what is usually delivered as dull training courses and made it into bite sized mailers and posters, using the art of storytelling to convey the security lessons we wanted employees to learn.

We also created a series of humorous graphic comics. After employees read through the mailers, we asked them to answer a few knowledge test questions to confirm they understood the security mishap and lessons to be learned.

Post-it notes and reminders

For the offices that were currently open, we designed posters reminding employees to beware what they share. And when there’s a laptop left open and unoccupied, post-it notes were designed with a message from the cyber security team, which were left behind to remind the employee to be more secure.


We also created email updates about some exciting initiatives and events being conducted by the cyber security ops team with employees like special guest networking and connects.