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Overview is the No.1 Car Buyer Guide in the Middle East that assists car buyers in ‘Finding the Perfect Car’ by uniquely evaluating personal preferences to make the right car choice. In October 2016 we partnered with for a three-month project to design their corporate identity and a responsive website. Among Dubai car buying guides to this day, Zetrol has been growing its online inquiries by 3% quarter on quarter.

Case Timeline



Zetrol  | Corporate identity, stationery, UI/UX


Once we were able to finalise on the Zetrol stationary design, we created a custom wireframe design that makes viewing vehicles you like, scheduling appointments and reaching out to a sales consultant more transparent and accountable. Beginning with the user interface, we created wireframes keeping in mind that interested buyers should be able to seamlessly get interested and then act on their intent by registering or making an enquiry.

Design Style

The interface design allowed a prospective customer to easily select the price and category of vehicle that he’s interested in and view key details like ease of customisation, extra features available, modifications permitted and more in the detail page. The design also visually differentiates individual tasks and functions based on lifestyle, utility and price point. One of the best features was the ability to compare the vehicle model you have in mind with other cars in the same category.

Zetrol was pleased to see the ease of use for a user. A potential buyer could find the information needed easily and the interesting use of colours and design elements made using the website for constant reviewing before a purchase a satisfying experience.