Bajaj Markets by Bajaj Finserv is a super platform for lifestyle and financial products, all in one place. Its an easy-to-use, accessible space for literally anything a person may need. No need to head to different sites and apps for shopping, finance, and investing – Bajaj Markets brings all the convenience you need under one roof.

Velocita partnered with Bajaj Markets to create their everyday marketing communications for each service offered, from their lifestyle products to loans and more. All strategically customized to suit different platforms and audiences.

Case Timeline

2017 – Present


Bajaj Markets | Online marketing communications, emailers, banners, and campaigns.

The objective

We were tasked with creating all the round-the-year marketing communications and collaterals for the Bajaj Market lifestyle and financial products. It included emailers, web banners, in-app banners, notifications banners, product pages, product banners and topical campaigns.

One platform to rule them all

The main brand positioning was to showcase it as the king of convenience, allowing customers to manage their shopping and financial assets in one place easily, under one ID. Brand messaging, therefore, focused on always showcasing it as a place where ‘everything was possible’ and the ‘ONE Marketplace for all your needs.’

Shop your heart out

Vibrant. Lively. Fresh. That was our approach for Bajaj Markets’ online shopping platform. It housed everything from electronics to furniture.

Hence, we routinely churn out product banners and sale pages for monthly events, and topical campaigns. Our visual stylings and messaging for each sale theme with relatable, catchy copy that spoke to the urban middle-class and rural audience.

Making finance fascinating

Bajaj Markets possesses a slew of financial products ranging from investments to loans. The task? Making complex financial products and concepts interesting.

We created numerous product emailers, banners, and social posts that highlighted each financial product in a fun, visually engaging style. The resulting creatives all took on a creative persona coupled with fun, catchy messaging that helped to make otherwise boring and complex financial terms and features really pop out.

Built for every channel

When it comes to communication, all that matters is reach, reach, reach. Our all-around, multi-channel marketing includes email marketing, notifications and social media posts. Allowing every service offering to reach its intended audience in their inbox and social feed.

The outcome? Stellar performance results, positive feedback, and visibility for Bajaj Markets’ vast product line.