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In every project we undertake, our aim is to inspire and be inspired. As experts in branding, marketing communication, and employer branding, we take pride in our 16 year legacy of serving clients. By fusing the resources of a large agency with the agility of a startup, we empower businesses to shine a spotlight on their values and communicate the significance of their work through the captivating art of storytelling.

Latest Case Study

In their pursuit of excellence in Health & Care (HNC) solutions, which encompass a wide range of services for hospitals, spanning from catering to patient transport, they sought to establish a distinctive visual identity for this business unit. To achieve this goal, Sodexo joined forces with Velocitta to craft an ‘India Expression Book.’ This book serves as a comprehensive rulebook, encompassing their vision, message house, tone, visual style, and an exhaustive list of services—a testament to their commitment to excellence.


Our expertise in the realm of videos and films is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. From concept development to post-production, we meticulously craft each frame with precision and creativity, ensuring that your story is told with depth and impact. With a focus on cinematic excellence and storytelling prowess, we collaborate closely with you to capture the essence of your narrative and translate it into an unforgettable visual experience.

Brand Communication

Our mission is to elevate your brand’s voice and narrative, crafting compelling messages that resonate deeply with your target audience. Through strategic storytelling and tailored communication strategies, we ensure that every interaction with your brand leaves a lasting impression. From captivating content creation to seamless brand integration, we meticulously curate your communication to foster meaningful connections and drive engagement.

Employer Brand

Employer branding revolves around the art of showcasing a company’s culture, values, and mission to potential employees, all while cultivating a favorable perception among job seekers. As seasoned employer branding experts, we are your trusted partners in this journey, helping you craft a compelling EVP and effectively communicate your distinct employer brand, ultimately positioning you as the employer of choice.

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Since Our Beginnings in 2008: A Journey of Creative Partnership.
Over the years, we've proudly served as creative partners for more than 100 global brands and Fortune 500 companies. Our collaboration extends far and wide, encompassing numerous businesses, resulting in the successful delivery of over 10,000 projects spanning nearly every industry imaginable.

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