Vodafone Intelligent Solutions or _VOIS as it’s known today, focuses on adding value and delivering business outcomes for Vodafone teams across the globe. _VOIS had recently undergone a brand change. It transitioned from a traditional shared services organisation to become a Centre of Excellence for intelligent solutions and Vodafone’s strategic partner of choice for talent, technology and transformation. Velocita Brand was their creative partner of choice for their office space design.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


_VOIS | Office Branding, Environment Graphic Design

Phase I

Initial recce and branding area assessment 

_VOIS’ massive 45,000 sq.ft. office was an opportunity for the brand to create an immersive experience for every employee who enters the workplace.

The initial assessment gave the team an estimate of the approximate branding area available and an understanding of the key areas in the office space that had maximum visibility for high-impact messaging.

Phase II

Using the Brand Playbook for mining key brand messages

The brand style guide or playbook acted as the base to unearth key brand messages. Excerpts from the _VOIS manifesto were used as text on communications. The final messaging was intended to evoke a sense of speed, energy and forward motion for employees. Each message or sentence is streamlined and precise, avoiding jargon.

Phase III

Finalising the visual design theme

The _VOIS office branding pallette had to reflect the connection to Vodafone and the strong, bold and vibrant energy of the brand. Every wall design used the brand’s Black, Red and White. The _VOIS Light Blades— a representation of movement and velocity; the energy at the heart of Vodafone was a key element in the designs.

Imagery and Photography

We aimed to create a distinct visual identity; strong, bold and vibrant – through the photographic imagery we used. To this effect the imagery was limited to one category: ‘hero images‘ featuring people, employees or objects.
We placed the hero at the centre of the image – as the focus of our attention and at the heart of the story. Through the hero image we aimed to show people at ease in their natural surroundings and reflect their diversity, capture genuine moments, show locations and/or technology that helps narrate the brand key message and story.

Phase IV

Printing & installation

Office branding design and deployment for a workspace measuring 7,95,000 sq.ft. is no mean feat. Eye-catching installations were designed and executed at entrances  to communicate _VOIS expertise, motto and highlight key services.