Sodexo has a long history of providing over 100+ services for various industries. Their offerings include food & catering, facilities management, technical services, workplace experience, energy management, and benefits and rewards services for corporate, healthcare, manufacturing, and educational sectors.

Their Health & Care (HNC) solutions offered a slew of services for hospitals, covering everything from catering to patient transport. To give this business unit its own unique visual identity, they partnered with Velocita to create an India Expression Book, a book that would document their vision, message house, tone, visual style, and list of services, all in one comprehensive rule book.

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Sodexo | Report Design, Brochure Design

Building up a message house

A solid message house acts as the foundation upon which all designs, campaigns, slogans, internal communication strategies, and all other marketing activities are built. It accurately and succinctly guides the brand value pillars, product promise, and product proof points and ensures all communication from the brand is coherent and consistent.

Designing the visual language

By leveraging their existing brand colours and overall parent identity, we developed a new complementary visual identity for the HNC business unit. The new visual layout and design element reflected a clean, structured elegance that matched their overall artistic style.