Labcorp a.k.a Covance is a contract research organization (CRO) headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina, providing nonclinical, preclinical, clinical and commercialization services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Formerly called Covance, the company is part of Labcorp, which employs more than 70,000 people worldwide.

Covance partnered with Velocita Brand for creative design support for office branding of its eight storey workspace in Bengaluru.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Covance | Office branding, Environment Graphic Design

Extensive planning

A four phase process began. Phase one began with a physical workspace assessment a.k.a recce to ascertain the possible branding area. This involved identifying specific rooms, passageways, spaces, walls and other areas for branding and sizing them.
Phase two commenced by collaborating with the Covance team to collate or create key messages to communicate. These messages or content themes act as high-level buckets of topics that align with the company’s goals wiz.

Developing a consistent and clear brand expression

The reflection of culture is contemporary communication.
Furthering this thought, we identified styles, structures, and other
phenomena to truly reflect the culture of the UK.

To know about Britain, we created a messaging mix consisting of British culture, festivals, fun facts, food, places, music & sports. Messaging that covered company values, beliefs and facts about the company were also a part of the mix.

A visual design theme that invigorates

In phase three we explored different visual design themes.
Keeping in mind the young 20-30 years employee demographic, we created different visual art styles which were impactful, young, energetic, and demand attention.

Once we zeroed in on the messages and theme, we created mock-ups of the spaces using photographs of the branding spaces identified during the initial recce. This allowed for a glimpse of how the design would appear.

Attention to every detail

Phase four was the exeuction involving the printing, production and installation of the designs in the office space.

Over a span of two months, Velocita delivered 78 wall design creatives covering 2.4 lakh sq.ft. of branding area. Apart from the standard vinyl pasting of wall graphics, glass graphics and glass graphics with one way vision also implemented.