Frubites by Revsnacks Pvt. Ltd. is a fruit snacking brand that aims to change the way people consume healthy snacks. Offering a variety of fruit snack flavours from the commonly found Apple to seasonal Strawberries and Mangoes— Frubite’s freeze drying technology ensures that the customer gets a crunchy Frubite experience in every pack.

Frubites chose Velocita Brand as it’s creative agency partner to start off their growth story.

Case Timeline

2017  – Present


Frubites | Corporate Identity, Packaging design,
Social Media Marketing, Website, Videos

Brand Discovery

As one of the first freeze-dried snacks companies to sell via an e-commerce model, Revsnacks wished to express Frubites as an innovative product that caters to the modern, digital savvy customer. After a brand discovery exercise, Velocita created messaging that highlighted the unique values that differentiates Frubites from its competition through creative storytelling. We delivered spot-on messaging that transferred to marketing materials that bring to life Frubites’ brand promise – all natural fruit goodness, healthy snacking benefit, exceptional taste and customer service.

Translating the brand discovery to brand communication

The images and messaging reinforces the fact that Frubites takes pride in what it does as a business, doing the right thing by everyone— vendors, staff, customers, stakeholders, along with caring for the environment. Armed with a fresh look, Frubites is able to share its unique story and offerings and all it has to offer.

Building channel-specific communication

Re-purposing the message as per the appropriate social platform or online channel paid dividends. Velocita Brand created a social media marketing plan and a stronger, more consistent brand and voice throughout Frubites social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. After identifying Facebook as the social media channel with the most growth potential, we created multiple topical posts and Facebook contests and promoted high-performing posts to gain social equity and page followers.

A website that ties it all together

The new Frubites site was developed to be friendly and accessible for all age groups, while still communicating all the goodness about the fruit snacking brand. Their ‘shop now’ section in particular got a significant user experience boost, with a very easy to purchase user workflow to help visitors buy instantly. Most importantly, their company story gained a fresh voice through the new visual style, illustrations and videos.


Today, Frubites retails in over 10 countries across the globe like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia to name a few and is fast gaining an active fanbase of Frubites lovers. It’s packaging has been well received by customers. We hope to be a part of the Frubites story for years to come.