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GIVA is an online silver jewellery store featuring high-quality, affordable designs. With their launch on in August 2019, GIVA partnered with Velocita to promote its range of trendy fashion jewellery to online audiences.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


GIVA | Performance Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Content & Design

Reaching broader audiences

GIVA wanted to reach new customers and increase sales at an efficient cost. Velocita assisted the brand by creating content and design for multiple ad creatives for their new Facebook dynamic ads campaign.
With dynamic ads for broad audiences, Facebook decides who to show the ads to, which allowed GIVA to reach people who had expressed interest in its products (or similar products), even if they hadn’t visited its website yet.

Perfectly suited for digital selling

Dynamic ads work well for brands like GIVA, who offer a variety of products. Not only did we create individual ad designs for each piece of jewellery, we also uploaded a catalog of its jewellery products in a specific category and then created an ad template. Dynamic ads pull different products from the catalog to display in the ad template, depending on who is seeing the ad.

Adding specific targeting to this ad type can sometimes exclude valuable audience members from seeing the ads, therefore the GIVA team showed the ads to a broad audience of women aged 18 years and up, on Facebook’s desktop and mobile News Feed and on Instagram.



From an initial budget of INR 1500 and a ROAS of 0.55x when we started, today GIVA spends 10-15 lakhs per month with a 3x+ ROAS. It’s a testament to their wide range of beautiful jewellery and the creative support provided by Velocita to grow the brand online.