The value in mergers and acquisitions is undisputed. However, they can also be tricky for the parties involved. When a leading Global payment solution company acquired a India-based digital payment solution company in 2014, it was a bit of a culture mis-match for its global management and the new employees at the very least. In spite of the best laid plans for handling the merger, things were difficult for our client’s corporate team when reality set in. After all, management must deliver on the base business, align the strategies, put a new organization in place, and realize synergies—right away and all at once.

Case Timeline

2018 – 2019


Global Payment Solution Company | Internal Emailer, Standee and Poster design

Change management tactics

To add to business complexities, going from a fledgling start-up to a full-fledged corporate in a matter of weeks meant that the employees of the Indian start-up, were still coming to grips with the MNC culture and brand despite an induction process. But this change-management tactics had to be subtle rather than mandatory for a successful outcome. A gradual absorption to new workplace etiquette and policies and rules without ruffling too many feathers was required.

Focusing on a single outcome

To create a communication campaign for the newly inducted team-members raising awareness about our client’s global policies and accepted social etiquette.

The Idea

Velocita created 2 humanlike fictional colleagues for the employees – The euphonious Ms. Etty Kit donned the mantle of advisor on all matters social and Mr. S.E. Curity dispensed advice on workplace security. To get a buy-in from employees, the ask and the way it was communicated had to be both simple and easy to accomplish. For instance, switching off the lights, when leaving a room, or disposing off waste in the right bins. Once employees had embraced the notion of the two characters, more important communication was eased in to periodically.

The execution

On-ground character cutouts were installed to introduce the figures and the central message at the recently acquired offices. This was followed up by a series of posters and emailers that addressed specific issues ranging from switching off lights to managing password protocols.

The campaign also included parallel initiatives, for example: a fun on-line quiz that urged employees to map their social skills/security awareness on a Be Brilliant Scale. Employees that were able to score the highest (by answering how an ideal employee should act professionally) were rewarded with mementos.