Velocita partnered with global mobility expert and tyre manufacturing giant – Michelin Tyres, to conceptualise, support and create all their external communication requirements.

From dealer-focused informational posters to large outdoor hoardings, we have helped them bring their products and offerings to life by enhancing their B2B and B2C communications, brand look, style and overall visual appeal.

Case Timeline

2022 – Present


Michelin Tyres |  External Communication and Marketing

The objective

Our task was to create consistent and visually enhanced communication collaterals like dealer pitch decks, product brochures, outdoor hoarding, posters, mailers etc. for both online and offline use. While the previous styles and designs for external communication tended to follow a straightforward, ultra-corporate feel, we needed to take the visual branding and communications to a bold, more dynamic level.

A united identity

All external communications, be it online or offline, needed to have a consistent palette, style and identity. Our design formats and colour patterns focused on achieving that integrated look. We developed a unified brand look that celebrated its status and rich history of innovation for every single creative, no matter where it was used, no matter what medium it was.

This helped Michelin become recognisable to its local audience at all times.