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As the much-awaited season of Diwali slowly approached, Suroj and Velocita teamed up to create a heartwarming campaign that would go beyond being just a season’s greeting to promote a striking message that would resonate with its own ideals and people around India. As the idea took shape, its story touched the hearts of Suroj employees, sparking a real-world impact and inspiring them to take its message beyond the screen and to the streets, working to create real change for people.

Case Timeline

2022 October


Suroj Buildcon | Concept and Script, Video Production, Artist Management, Post Production


Many of Suroj’s employees and several people across the country, from valiant soldiers standing guard on the frontlines to the average nine-to-fiver pulling overtime, they often miss the joys of welcoming the festivities with their loved ones but it is their sacrifice and commitment to duty that keeps the wheels of India’s progress turning, no matter what.

Shining a light on these individuals who, despite everything, remain loyal to their professions was what Suroj wanted to salute and celebrate. The campaign’s objective was to highlight a sense of togetherness, festivities and family that can exist anywhere, especially for those who toil away from home during the holidays.

We decided to create an engaging film that would bring their stories forward through the eyes of the everyday Suroj employee and nudge everyone to explore ways to create small moments of festive joy by reaching out to people around them at that moment, wherever they are.

Conceptualisation –

The concept of #YehDiwaliUnkeNaam sprung from the idea that Diwali presents itself as a beautiful chance for us to shine a light on those who often aren’t able to celebrate with loved ones and encourage them to reach out to others. With the mission clear, the building of the story and scenes began with the shooting conducted at actual Suroj construction sites and surrounding localities, featuring the actual Suroj associates.

Real-Life Impact

The desire to incite real-world change and action is at the heart of any campaign, which was achieved by our Suroj Diwali film. The emotions, ideas and sentiments portrayed in the campaign helped sow the seeds of more goodwill and far-reaching positive effects.

Inspired by the film’s story, Suroj decided to continue the campaign’s core idea for all its people in all its project locations. Setting in motion a real behavioural change, all Suroj employees were encouraged to step out and celebrate the festival of lights with locals, the underprivileged and people who needed a sense of family the most at this time. Going above and beyond their call of duty to come together as one family across the country and for the country.

Reaching across channels

The film’s popularity was undeniable as its message streamed across platforms, igniting emotions and capturing the attention of netizens on all major social media channels. The campaign and its story also made its way to the world of news as over 100+ publications, including The Times of India, The Print, ANI etc. reached out to showcase the film’s inception and impact in their own pages.

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