How to Build Strong Employer Brand

How to Build Strong Employer Brand

With a tough hiring market, organizations now need to attract the right kind of talent to have a business edge. But money isn’t the only thing that will attract today’s talent.

Many people now turn towards social media platforms and other digital mediums to hunt for their next job. They even review websites to learn and understand the company’s culture before they begin working there and even to decide if they want to work there or not.

Organizations can make the best use of these social platforms, to create a strong employer brand and attract the best talent out there. Its simpler this way to showcase your work culture and tell the world the experience they would have once they join the company.

If you are looking to create a positive impression in the minds of prospective employees and eventually reduce employee turnover – you need to be actively doing Employer Brand Social Media.

What is employer branding?

Employer brand is the image that your company holds when it comes to its work culture and employee benefits. If your employer brand is good and well managed, you’ll attract the better and right kind of people for your workplace. Your employer branding should answer the question – “Why is your organisation a good place to work at, compared to other similar companies?”

Your employer branding should also talk about the foundations of your company, its vision, mission and values. It should also talk about the USPs that differentiate you from other employers out there.

The benefits of an employer branding strategy

If you create a world-class employer branding for yourself, your company will have it relatively easy to find the top talent for itself. Most people prefer to apply for organisations that have an active employer brand strategies.

Many people face this issue because they don’t know what it would be like to work at a specific company. If you have strong branding, you can transparently and efficiently solve that issue and help convince people that yours is the best place for them to work at.

How to create a powerful employer branding strategy


Make use of employee feedback to develop an employee value proposition.

No one can give you a better insight into what sets your company apart than your existing employees. So make sure to use that effectively. You can have a survey at your workplace through which employees can give honest feedback as to what they think of your current brand. Ask them about the best aspects of working in your team and what is the absolutely unique proposition with your company. Then use their responses to create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Make sure to include every benefit you offer to your employees. This could be monetary or non-monetary. Talk about aspects like work-life balance, diversity & inclusivity, team culture, as well as compensation and bonuses.

If you find out from your survey that there are problems with your work culture then use that information to correct the issue. It’s highly important that you address it since no matter how many employees you are able to recruit if your turnover is high, you won’t benefit from it.

Make Use of Employer Branding Resources

employer branding resources

Once your employer branding strategy is in place, you’ll need platforms to communicate it to internal employees and prospective talent. Identify the resources and start promoting your EVP there:

      1. Social media

The best tool out there to voice your employer brand is Social Media. It’s the easiest to access and highly appealing platform for people who are looking for a job. You can effectively use it to establish your employer brand. You can create an Instagram page, be vocal about your ideologies on Linkedin and regularly give updates on Facebook. It’s on you to decide how you want to use it.

     2. Review Websites

Review websites such as Glassdoor have a huge impact on your employer brand today – both positive and negative. Employees can visit these websites and rate the experience that they’ve had working with you. If your rating is good, people will get attracted to working with you, and if it’s negative, they will try to stay away.

You can use such websites to improve your presence, be vocal about your work culture and give an insight into how it would work with you. Make sure to be active on the platform, regularly monitor your reviews and engage with them – even if they’re negative.

Glassdoor ratings can generate good press for your company, and you can get into Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.


Use employee advocacy to give employees a voice in your brand

A good employer brand can only be created if your current employees like working for you. If they do love it, others around them will definitely get to know about it. These current employees can be strong influences in your employer’s brand strategy.

Their opinion is what matters to others like them out there. There is nothing stronger than good word-of-mouth for your brand. Let them tell they are positive stories through your social media channels. Make sure those stories go out there and reach the right people.

After all, your employees are a true testimony of your employer brand.

Start developing an employer branding strategy that works

To have a strong employer brand, you need to have a strong team who effectively takes care of it, actively monitors what’s working and is on top of it every day. It’s not a one-day thing, but a way of working.

Let us help you effectively create an employer branding image with our years of experience creating and managing.

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